∞∞ ABOUT ∞∞


Samantha has been trained and certified in Biofield Clearing and Biofield Tuning. She incorporates a multiple modalities approach utilizing powerful ancient healing pendulums and Tuning Forks for coherent physics sound frequencies, that can restore the physical and energy bodies to optimal well-being.

Samantha also uses the natural power of healing crystals, Tibetan singing bowls, Divine Universal Energy, healing cards and her own natural intuitive abilities in her customized Energy Medicine practice.

This multiple modalities approach can:

✔️ CLEAR energy blockages

✔️ BALANCE and ALIGN Chakras

✔️ RELEASE ancestral DNA blockages 

✔️ RESTORE the physical & energetic bodies to an optimal, coherent vibrational state

✔️ and more... to SOUNDING BLISS to your INFINITE POTENTIAL!


  • Certified Practitioner in Biofield Clearing

  • Certified Advanced Practitioner in Biofield Tuning

  • Master of Education & Distance Education
    (Specializing in Instructional Curriculum Design & Learning Technology)

  • Applied Information Technology (INFOTEC) Degree